– Press-Walls for Photo Shooting

Press-wall (or Brand-wall) is a kind of framework Hollywood Stars use as background for photo shooting while Red Carpet walking. We make advertising press-walls for your would-be customers to do personal photo shooting. There are volumetric image are made with graphic tools and everyone can be a hero at the background of it. Usually are indoors but sometimes outdoors. Made for mass photo shooting. This way images of your goods slip into family photo albums and private photo archives.

– Advertising Installations

Installation is the way to present your goods visually. For example, there are a board on the street shows the goods. You can only see it. Now imagine a sculpture or installation in the city park surrounded by people and kids. They look, touch it and smile. They are not being forced to buy. They are just enjoying. They feel great emotions and remember you. Images of advertising installations usually go to internet and long «live» in social networks.


3D Ground Graphic

– Asphalt Decals and 3D-Stickers

It’s another kind of asphalt art. Asphalt decals and 3D-stickers are often used in agreed areas whenever it needed. For example, at parking, railway stations and flight terminals, indoors malls, etc. We use only high-quality materials from European manufactures. Decals do not harm for the surfaces and easily removed after being used (however, they can stay for 12 months).

– Madonnari 

It’s a very ancient art. Goes back to Italy of 16 century. Ancient painters loved to paint the ground with the holy images («madonnary» means Madonna painting). Nowadays madonnary is the art of ground painting with the effect of anamorphosis. It means that one can see the picture volumetric if stands on the proper side. It’s not a novelty in the world but still very popular. Often goes as another kind of installation for mass photo shooting.

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